Building Your Family

Not everything in Family Law is about discussions of child custody, child access, child support, spousal support, or dividing property and financial assets. At M. G. Michaels & Associates, Whitby family law lawyers, we have created the phrase ‘Building Your Family’ to mean marriage contracts / prenups for spouses and common-law partners just beginning their relationships, well as cohabitation agreements between older Canadians. And, by ‘Building Your Family,’ we also mean adoptions and guardianship applications for those who are unable to take care of themselves.

Our ‘Building Your Family’ Services

Marriage Contracts / Prenups

Increasingly, not just young couples or those with high net worth are entering into Marriage Contracts or Prenups when contemplating a big decision like marriage; clarity is a very good thing for everyone. That’s the point of a Marriage Contract or Prenup.

Cohabitation Agreements

An Ontario Cohabitation Agreement is a contract two people enter into who either already do or intend to reside together in a relationship of some permanence as common law spouses. Typically, the best time to get an Ontario Cohabitation Agreement is early on in the relationship. This way, there are no misunderstandings about each spouse’s responsibilities owed to the other in the event of a separation, before the relationship and living circumstances advance too far.


Our firm has handled several step-parent adoptions, and would be happy to guide and represent you through this wonderful step of creating your ‘family’. The process of step-parent adoption can be complicated. Let the Whitby adoption lawyers at M. G. Michaels & Associates help you create the family you’ve always wanted.


At M. G. Michaels & Associates, our Whitby guardianship lawyer has handled dozens of guardianship applications for children and adults who cannot look after themselves or manage their affairs—or both. A properly handled guardianship application gives you peace of mind.