Loreen Potter

Loreen Potter Office Administrator

Loreen Potter is our Office Administrator at M. G. Michaels & Associates, Whitby family lawyers, a position she has held since 2019.

Loreen retired in 2015 and found that retirement life was a bit slow for her liking. She started working with M. G. Michaels & Associates two days a week and now works four days a week. She is thoroughly enjoying her second career.

Loreen is awash in business experience, including Canadian manufacturing. She is effective and efficient in helping to run our office smoothly, with a generous side-order of empathy for our clients.

She worked at General Motors, at the Oshawa plant for 31 years. She started in the paint shop on the line. After 6 years, she went to the stamping plant and in the following 25 years, she worked as a Press Technician, Quality Liaison and an Internal Auditor for GM’s processes as well as the Environmental Division.

Loreen is also fluent in sign language (she is not a licensed interpreter) and is able to assist persons with hearing impairments.